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YouTube Desktop

cross-platform desktop youtube player


Technolgies: Electron, NodeJS, MDL, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery

Downloads: There is no downloads, I maked it just for fun to myself.


YouTube Desktop


YouTube Desktop

Search, watch, browse

You can search, play & watch YouTube videos and browse the site with full access from your desktop!

YouTube Desktop

Toggle between modes: App / Site

In the side menu you can turn on “Always on top” function and switch from the 2 modes. Reset on quit. Defaults: App mode, “Always on top” turned off.

YouTube Desktop

App mode: Search

When you search in App mode, you see the filtered results only. No more ads or recommendations!

YouTube Desktop

App mode: Playing

The side menu is hide when you click outside, and the bar on top hide automatically after 5 seconds inactivity, for the uninterrupted expirence!

YouTube Desktop

Site mode: Usage

If you switch to Site mode, then the app will functionally be like a browser. You see in the window the real YouTube website.

YouTube Desktop

Site mode: Full access

In Site mode you can browse the YouTube with full access: login to your account and use it, read-write comments, etc.


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