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cross-platform smoking habit tracker


Technolgys: Electron, NodeJS, W3.css, PaperCSS, Chart.js, FlashPlayer, HTML, CSS, JS

Downloads: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Github

This app help you tracking your smoking habits and reduce the dose greatly and prepare you to the “freedom day” (quitting).
The app is a game pack in the game also.

The motivation/distraction system is add to you more help to push out the breaktime (time between two smoke) more and more.

If you fulfill the setted breaktime, you got expirence points (xp) and levelup like an RPG game. In the ‘Rewards’ menu open 1 flash game for each earned level.
The max level is 50.
When you overfulfill the time got bonus xp, but if you underperforming then you lose xp.



  • Start with system.
  • Choose the cigarette type (strong, normal, light, extralight).
  • Set the target time between two smoke (in minutes and the min. 30).
  • Dialy, monthly, total counters (handle 1, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 cigarette doses) and charts.
  • Countup non smoked times. Red background under target breaktime, green after reach.
  • Micro RPG system (50 level).
  • 50 build in flash games (Not requires internet connection).
  • Made with love.


First of all try still your dose with lighter cigaretes. If you smoke 20 normal cigarettes per day, change to light and stay on 20 dialy.

When you can hold the dose with light, start lower the dose. Use the timer to push out the next times when you smoke.

Try lower your dose to minimum 8-10 or better 5-6 light cigarette per day while you reach level 50.

The lowered dose makes easier for you the finaly free form the smoking. The day when you left over the smoking is the freedom day.

If you fall back more the 1-2 cigarette per day, you can restart the procedure with your lower dose. Use the “Reset profile” menu.

You can delete game saves also with the “Reset games” menu button.


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Thank you, Have a nice day!


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