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Darkest Dungeon Cheat Mods

Darkest Dungeon Cheat Mods

Cheats & Hacks for:

Darkest Dungeon® (

Base game + DLC’s mods:

– Darkest Dungeon® (
– Darkest Dungeon®: The Musketeer (
– Darkest Dungeon®: The Crimson Court (
– Darkest Dungeon®: The Shieldbreaker (
– Darkest Dungeon®: The Color Of Madness (

Cheat mods download page: Darkest Dungeon Cheat Mods Free Download




cross-platform smoking habit tracker


Technolgys: Electron, NodeJS, W3.css, PaperCSS, Chart.js, FlashPlayer, HTML, CSS, JS

Downloads: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Github

This app help you tracking your smoking habits and reduce the dose greatly and prepare you to the “freedom day” (quitting).
The app is a game pack in the game also.

The motivation/distraction system is add to you more help to push out the breaktime (time between two smoke) more and more.

If you fulfill the setted breaktime, you got expirence points (xp) and levelup like an RPG game. In the ‘Rewards’ menu open 1 flash game for each earned level.
The max level is 50.
When you overfulfill the time got bonus xp, but if you underperforming then you lose xp.


  • Start with system.
  • Choose the cigarette type (strong, normal, light, extralight).
  • Set the target time between two smoke (in minutes and the min. 30).
  • Dialy, monthly, total counters (handle 1, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 cigarette doses) and charts.
  • Countup non smoked times. Red background under target breaktime, green after reach.
  • Micro RPG system (50 level).
  • 50 build in flash games (Not requires internet connection).
  • Made with love.


First of all try still your dose with lighter cigaretes. If you smoke 20 normal cigarettes per day, change to light and stay on 20 dialy.

When you can hold the dose with light, start lower the dose. Use the timer to push out the next times when you smoke.

Try lower your dose to minimum 8-10 or better 5-6 light cigarette per day while you reach level 50.

The lowered dose makes easier for you the finaly free form the smoking. The day when you left over the smoking is the freedom day.

If you fall back more the 1-2 cigarette per day, you can restart the procedure with your lower dose. Use the “Reset profile” menu.

You can delete game saves also with the “Reset games” menu button.


If you like my work(s), please buy me a coffee or support/donate me. Contributions and donates are welcome.

Thank you, Have a nice day!




cross-platform blinds and tokens tracker


Technolgies: Electron, NodeJS, UIKit, HTML, CSS, JS

Downloads: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Github

A friendly poker party in da’ house, a bit drinking, talking, laughing, etc.
Sometimes I forgot about I’m the one of the blinds.. and you?



  • Save tokens
  • Save players
  • Setup the match (select 2-10 players, 5 tokens, blindlift type and time, etc)
  • track rebuys (optional), tokens (at start and rebuy value), blind values and blindlift time, real bets (optional)

Blindlift types

  • Fix (Fix on the two smallest value token and not lift it) – for slower games
  • Gradual (the next small blind is always the previous big blind) – for normal games
  • Token pairs (the next small blind is the next value token after previous big blind, and after the highest token double the values of blinds) – for faster games

Game tracking

Helper image


If you like my work(s), please buy me a coffee or support/donate me. Contributions and donates are welcome.

Thank you, Have a nice day!

YouTube Desktop

YouTube Desktop

YouTube Desktop

cross-platform desktop youtube player


Technolgies: Electron, NodeJS, MDL, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery

Downloads: There is no downloads, I maked it just for fun to myself.



Search, watch, browse

You can search, play & watch YouTube videos and browse the site with full access from your desktop!

Toggle between modes: App / Site

In the side menu you can turn on “Always on top” function and switch from the 2 modes. Reset on quit. Defaults: App mode, “Always on top” turned off.

App mode: Search

When you search in App mode, you see the filtered results only. No more ads or recommendations!

App mode: Playing

The side menu is hide when you click outside, and the bar on top hide automatically after 5 seconds inactivity, for the uninterrupted expirence!

Site mode: Usage

If you switch to Site mode, then the app will functionally be like a browser. You see in the window the real YouTube website.

Site mode: Full access

In Site mode you can browse the YouTube with full access: login to your account and use it, read-write comments, etc.


If you like my work(s), please buy me a coffee or support/donate me. Contributions and donates are welcome.

Thank you, Have a nice day!




cross-platform project manager, todo app for myself freelancers


Technolgies: Electron, NodeJS, W3.css, HTML, CSS, JS

Downloads: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Github


Organize your ideas, projects, tasks, notes.

  • Nice, clean, oreview design.
  • Privacy focus.
  • From the idea to lunch. (project states)
  • Track your work time each todos and all of project.
  • Get to-dos out of your head and more focus to the present. Free your mind!


Private sphere

Your data is yours.
Phreshistant not communicate any clouds. All your data is keep on your machine.
Don’t need internet connection or extrernal accounts.



Project states (order by this sequence)

  • Processing (running)
  • Testing (in review)
  • Freeze (temporary parked. Ex.: don’t want work on it for a while, but in the future maybe wants again)
  • Idea (all new project start in this state)
  • Notes (It isn’t a really state, you can use this for categories other notes. Even separate life things. For example project name is recipes, todo is the recipe title and the todo note is the recipe description)
  • Stopped (killed project, but you don’t want delete )
  • Finished (you can re-set states from all to all exept Idea)

Project delete is remove all todos and todo notes also!

Todo states (order by this sequence, secondary order is the priority)

  • Processing (running)
  • Testing (in review)
  • Idle (stopped)
  • Finished (you can re-set states from all to all)
  • Get to-dos out of your head and more focus to the present. Free your mind!


  • Home (todos without any project)
  • Colorize texts on mouse over (for the easy distinction and for fun 😀 )
  • You can create one note (simple text or markdown) each todo with “Edit note”. Use for description, spec, sub-tasks, etc
  • Set priority (Low, Medium, High)
  • Search in todos for quick find it (texts and todo notes in all projects)
  • Time tracking per todo (auto activate in “Processing” and “Testing” states and show the elapsed time in realtime)
  • Auto filter tasks to states (tabs)
  • Built-in simple (wooden) markdown editor (bold, italic, headers 1-6, blockquote, link, file, code, lists, checkboxes, separator, table) – autosave in every 10sec.
  • Todos notes rendered with “markdown-it”.


Reminder types

  • Once (trigger at time)
  • Periodic (trigger every setted time, between 5-600 mins)
  • Dialy (trigger every day once at time)
  • Weekly (trigger every week once at time)
  • Monthly (trigger every month once at time)
  • Yearly (trigger every year once at time)


Reminder features

  • Set date and time
  • Set a text you want show on trigger
  • Choose the type
  • Alert window on trigger (optional, default false)
  • Modal window on trigger (optional, default true)
  • Focus app window on trigger (optional, default true)
  • Restore todos to Idle state (flexible scheduling)

You can pick up todos for all types of reminders. On trigger the choosed todos (re)set to “Idle” state.



  • Choose your workspace folder
  • Import/Export database files
  • Themes (at moment: Light, Dark, Coffee, Purple, Hello Kitty, Ubuntu)
  • Resize views (project and todo columbs)

Project in Note state & todo note markdown rendered


If you like my work(s), please buy me a coffee or support/donate me. Contributions and donates are welcome.

Thank you, Have a nice day!


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