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cross-platform media player


Technolgies: Electron, NodeJS, W3.css, HTML, CSS, JS

Downloads: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Github


Keep It Simple

The Phresh media player is a simple and intuitive desktop app for Windows, Mac and Linux. It plays media files.. end of story.

In turn, I pays great attention to the naturality, easy and clear usage with much (and usual) keyboard shortcuts and some mouse gestures.
The player has an right click menu also for more powerful support the handling.

PhreshPlayer knows read the ‘.srt’ subtitles also.


Keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys)

Ltoggle (show/hide) playlist
Ftoggle fullscreen
ENTERtoggle fullscreen
ESCexit fullscreen
Mtoggle mute
UPvolume increase
DOWNvolume decrease
LEFTseek -5 sec
RIGHTseek +5 sec
Pprevious video
Bprevious video
Nnext video
SPACEtoggle play/pause
Ttoggle always on top

Mouse events

mouse moveshow controls (auto hide after 1 sec)
leave cursor on controls boxshow controls (still visible)
left doubleclicktoggle fullscreen
scroll upvolume increase
scroll downvolume decrease
left click on progressbarseek to the point
right clickmenu open

File/Folder drops

videoplayer areaclear actual playlist, and refill with the new files
playlist areaappend files to the actual playlist


The application can read folders also, but just 1 level deep:

  • .
  • ..
  • Folder
    • Folder2
      • file level 3
    • file level 2
    • file2 level 2
  • file level 1
  • file2 level 1

level 1 and level 2 files will append also to the playlist if you drop in at the same time, but level 3 file in Folder2 won’t.


Supported file types

  • mp4
  • mkv
  • webm
  • m4v
  • ogg (ogv)
  • mov
  • mp3
  • flac

Convert videos

Still I see today ‘.avi’ and ‘.wmv’ files, so..

.. if you drop an (or more) ‘.avi’ or ‘.wmv’ file into the player,
then convert files to ‘.mp4’ (and add it to playlist automatically after conversion).


Still converting

The player can convert files while playing other (playable) files. To this just click ‘X’ to close/hide modal.

Why?! - I maked the n + 1 mediaplayer..

I’m sick of so much bullsh.t features in modern mediaplayers like kmp, vlc, etc. Filters, view modes and more..
Other mediaplayers like bs player can’t handle a simple file drop in 2018. Man..
The most features, functions, addons, plugins is unnecessary for general users, sorry guys thats fact..

At last time I used PotPlayer, but at this time is overhyped too. – and of course changed the interface and handle hotkeys & buttons. – I love it..

The lot of extra features is it would be awesome, but finaly the program can’t do that normally what it created first.
So I make my own..

I don’t planning more features into the updates (exept audioTrack support & changes if will supported..), only neccessary bug fixes.

You’re accustomed to this.. and I will NOT change!



v1.1.2 Changelog


  • logos and icons changed
  • video conversion moved into plugin
  • open devtools moved into plugin

New Features

  • control panel pin
  • search in playlist
  • delete from playlist
  • theme selector with 4 starter theme (Phresh, Cobalt, Full Metal, Hello Kitty)
  • plugin system


  • toasts visible on fullscreen also from now
  • fullscreen icon states fixed in control panel
  • unnecessary disk usage removed: ‘remember playtime’ save only on quit from now
  • hide cursor everywhere on idle/playing

If you like my work(s), please buy me a coffee or support/donate me. Contributions and donates are welcome.

Thank you, Have a nice day!


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