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Poker blinds tracker.

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A friendly poker party in da' house, a bit drinking, talking, laughing, etc.
Sometimes I forgot about I'm the one of the blinds.. and you?


  • Save tokens
  • Save players
  • Setup the match (select 2-10 players, 5 tokens, blindlift type and time, etc)
  • track rebuys (optional), tokens (at start and rebuy value), blind values and blindlift time, real bets (optional)

Blindlift types

  • Fix (Fix on the two smallest value token and not lift it) - for slower games
  • Gradual (the next small blind is always the previous big blind) - for normal games
  • Token pairs (the next small blind is the next value token after previous big blind, and after the highest token double the values of blinds) - for faster games

Game tracking

Helper image